Tuesday, September 15, 2009

~ Interview with Brain Clement ~

This is valuable information on disease and how to get well. For healthy people they can eat fruit or raw sugar that makes up about 15 % of their diet. The rest of their diet should consist of sprouts, leafy greens and wild weeds. It may sound crazy, but it is so true. I feel my best when Iconsume mostly greens.
Someone who suffers from illness or disease should not comsume any sugar at all !! Sugar addiction and illness go hand and hand. I have suffered with illness my whole life and I admit to have been drawn to sugar for comfort. This so called comfort is preventing the healing I am looking for.
Having a period of detox and cleaning the body with colonics, green juice,smoothies and greens will give you the ability to live the best life you were created for. Once you have attained wellness eating raw fruit and desserts should be enjoyed ,but kept to a minimum to maintain vatality

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