Monday, January 31, 2011

~ Raw Apple Pie ~

I thought I would try Ani Phyo's recipe and make her All American Apple Pie. These apples smell so sweet and were a perfect choice for this pie. I was thankful to my mother who had picked me up a bag of these apples.

This little gadget cuts the apples up taking the core out at the same time.

What a beautiful design it makes !! The apple looks just like a flower....

These apples did taste as good and they smelled. (:

Here are some of the ingredients that went into this creation.

If you choose wait and eat this pie the next day it would allow the apples to soften giving them the same consistency as a cooked apple pie.

I added one cup of raisins and lots of cinnamon to my cut up apples....

I then added the sauce and mixed it all in together....

I had my nut crust ready, which as you can see has a pretty design around it's edges.


1 1/2 cups almonds
1/2 cup of medjool dates
pinch os grey sea salt
pinch of cinnamon

1 orange
1/4 cup filtered water
1/2 cup of medjool dates

5 sliced apples
1 cup of rasins
2 T cinnamon

~ I garnished the top of the pie with dried cranberries ~


Sunday, January 16, 2011

~ Wild Tuna & Living Salad ~

As most of you know I have been eating some animal protein with my meals . I feel I need it so I am continuing to try to choose clean protein. The tuna fish comes from a can and it is wild. Wild fish is not full of mercury and other contaminants. It is much more expensive to eat the best meat, but I need to make that choice for myself. I really want to overcome the health I have have been expereicing.

I have spent most of my life avoiding meat because I just don't like it. As a girl I remember throwing my meat underneath the table. I am surprised I had never gotten in trouble for that. What a mess my mother finding old meat underneath the grooves of the kitchen table. I really don't like it and the thought of harming a pore little animal breaks my heart. I try not to think of that and put my health first for now.

I was always anemic with my iron, but going totally raw/vegan really depleted all my iron and B 12. So most days I eat living salads along with some sort of protein. Making changes does take time. It is hard to eating perfectly well especially when you loose your vision. I admit I have a sweet tooth and I LOVE coffee . I have been trying to give it up and every morning I find myself drinking a cup I wake up feeling afraid of what kind of unwanted symptoms the day will bring . I drink the coffee it gives my brain a lift and then my throat and chest tightens. I know I need to give up coffee I really need some strength to resist the temptation. I think the bottom line is I am uncertain exactly what what to do. I have tried eating all green liquid foods and found myself very ill. I am still waiting on getting a diagnosis and direction. Next month I go for a spinal tap to see if I have Multiple Sclerosis, but even if I do have it I know without a doubt I have some sort of Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction. I believe it is from a few things. Number one cause is having had the Ebstien Bar Virus as a teenager. I was in bed for over 18 months really ill. The second thing is being anemic and going raw/vegan was a big mistake for me. It caused damage to my nervous system . People with mono antibodies can really struggle with all sort of issues like candida, chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue etc. Especially the nervous system, endocrine and immune system is effected causing auto immune conditions. Thirdly and most importantly is 'stress' can cause illness.

Anyhow I am taking a lot of things to support my nervous system and trying to find what works to help me recover. It is coming slowly and will share with you what seems to be working. Managing stress and retraining your thinking is so important because stress can deplete the body of all the nourishment you try to put in your body. If possible going outside daily in the sun especially in the early morning hours will give you the Vit D your body needs. Fresh air and sin shine is essential for your health. Being hydrated also is very important so trying to drink more water. this may sound like a lot, but working on drinking 4 liters of water a day will improve your health. Drink in between meals though, It is not good to drink with meals for a couple of reasons. It dilutes the hydrochloric acid in your stomach thus making it more difficult to digest your food. Also it flushes away the nutrition you have put in your body. Drinking a half an hour before you eat and two hours after your eat is the best way to drink your fluids.

In my salad I have field greens, green onions, cubed yellow bell pepper, diced tomato, cut up celery, celery seed, black pepper, cubed avocado, alfalfa and clover sprouts...

I am learning that what you fire together in your brain will rewire and your health will slowly improve.
Being in touch with symptoms, your emotions, your thoughts are so important. Taking it another step further and changing what you acknowledge and thinking on good things can change your body chemistry eventually. I am no expert at this, but know of certain people who are well trained in this area. I am very thankful to have crossed paths with them.

~ Raw/Vegan Pizza ~

I find my raw pizza is getting better each time I make it. I used for the crust the buckwheat recipe I have created. It can taste a little dry so I have been adding more raw toppings.

I cube tomatoes, avocado and onions. I also use lots of whatever kind of sprout I have in my fridge.

The colors are so beautiful....

I added some cilantro and it was so scrumptious. I don't know why, but at first cilantro tasted repulsive and now months later it is my favorite green. I love the smell and the taste. My mouth waters at the sight of it. It is so funny to get so excited about greens :)

This meal is very filling as well just like the raw lasagna. You feel full and clean afterward because there is no dairy,wheat or animal protein. This pizza is 100 % natural and free of all chemicals !!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

~ Green Juice ~

Green juice has been one of my new staples. I always used to juice cucumber and celery, but now I have been adding more veggies. I find it always changes depending on what is available in the market. Cucumbers have been hard to come by for some reason. It is hard to find healthy fresh ones. Unfortunately they have the most liquid in them so not having them makes my juice more intense with other greens. I have to be careful not to add too much due to my sensitive system.

I was adding ginger root to my juices, but have noticed it makes my nervous system react in a negative way. I feel too wired so I have been adding lemon and its rind instead.

My favorite greens are dandelion greens, but have not been able to get some lately.
They are very good for you in terms of cleaning the liver. I find on their oun they are very bitter, but with some fruit or lemon they taste just fine. Also I feel good too so they are a perfect choice.

I was surprised to see that Martha Stewart juicing, I forget where I came across a video of her juicing, but tried her recipe and just loved it.

She had cucumber, celery, parsley , ginger root, papaya, apple and spinach.

I have added in today's juice cucumber, celery, parsley, romaine, clover sprouts, romaine lettuce, lemon and apple....

Here is a little picture of my juicer nothing special , but it gets the job done. I am impressed at how smoothly it juices and how easy it is to clean after wards.

I always add some celery as a garnish one of my favorite greens to chew on.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

~ Supplements ~

I thought it might be a good idea to make a list of all my supplements I have been taking since this past summer. I am astonished at how many people have come to me saying they have been going through similar issues. This is so sad to know the RAW/VEGAN diet is not what I had thought. It is one of the best diets on the planet, but still we live in an imperfect world. The foods we eat don't necessarily have all the nutrition we need due to environmental factors, the soil the plants were grown it etc. I am also learning that the water we drink is essential. We need clean water. It is just as important as air the air we breathe. If we have unclean water which has chemicals, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, parasites and metals in it then it makes it really difficult for our bodies to absorb the nutrients in our foods. This is the next step on my list is to get a machine which will remove all the poison. even getting a shower head shortly to protect my body from getting all those unwanted chemicals in my blood stream. the chlorine and fluorine which is in regular tap water does havoc on your immune system and exasperates your thyroid and whole endocrine system.

List of what I have been taking :

Most important **

B 12 Mythylcobalamin ( helps support healthy function of brain and nervous system)

B Complex - New Roots

Ubiquinol ( COQ10) - helps with heart health

Pharacutical Grade Fish Oil

Sunflower Lecithin

Evening Primrose Oil

Vit D 3 4000 IU

Magnesium Chelate

Iron (Glycinate) - I get this from a homeopathic pharmacy

Note * Most B complexes contain a form a B 12 which is called Cyanocobalamin and this is not natural and has to go through your liver and convert to Mythlycobalamin. If your suffering with nervous system issues the best way to get your B 12 is in the one I recommend. You really have to inquire and look to find one. If your new at this and find your B 12 is low 300 or under I would recommend AOR advanced series they have the best source for absorption.

Here is a video on this supplement which may interest you.....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

~ Raw/Vegan Cannelloni ~

This Cannelloni creation was very good and next time I will use the white cream cheese recipe I had in my earlier post. Cannelloni usually has white cheese and this time I just used the tomato sauce that was used for the raw lasagna.

I enjoyed every bite of this....

One of these is filling for hours !!

I love to eat very slowly and taste the flavor of natural herbs rather than all those sugars, salts and chemicals that are in all foods you buy at the supermarket. All those chemicals in packaged foods are very addictive. They cause tremendous stress on your immune system.

This is something that is pleasant for the tastebuds minus the damaging effects of processed foods.

Monday, January 10, 2011

~ Raw Gingered /Cilantro Stir Fry ~

This recipe has been improved by taking the raw stir fry and adding more green in it. Avocado, cilantro and lots of fresh shredded ginger is so wonderful.

I could never digest any raw foods before I began eating this way and now I can eat just about anything I want. If I ate raw garlic in the past I would not be able to eat for a week. Eating raw has changed my life. I used to have to eat several hours before bed because it would take that long to digest. That was with lots of digestive enzymes taken well before I ate. Now when I eat I feel fine and can lay down directly after eating.

It is so true that the typical diet has no enzymes in it and causes so many digestion problems. I no longer need to take digestive pills because there are so many active enzymes in the raw, living foods I eat.

I could never tolerate ginger before. It just burned in my stomach and now I can just eat it up and feel clean inside.

Ginger, cilantro and avocado are "HEAVENS CANDY" to me !!

I will be adding this recipe as well in my book that is in the making. I am working on an e-book which I am very excited about.

Eat as much living foods as you can today to give you a better tomorrow. (: