Sunday, February 3, 2013

~ Spending Time with Lisa Philips ~

Getting Motivated with Lisa's Workouts:)

My Dear friend Lisa Phillips came down


 to visit me. I was thrilled to meet her in person. I have known her for over two years and we have been each others cheer leader. Being around her lifted my spirits big time for days.

We had lots of time to talk and share what was going on in each others lives and went to Pete's Frootique, Planet Organic, and an Asian store....

Both days we went to Pete's for lunch and had wheat grass shots and smoothies. My favorite food.....YUM... We planned on going dancing that night. i was getting all dressed up to go, but unfortunately Lisa was under the weather. her body was in a high detox place. Her lungs were full of fluid and other unwanted symptoms. I gave her some Respiratin for her lungs which should help with the congestion.


Lisa husband Matthew video taped us and she did the editing and design. It astounds me what she can do to a video to jazz it up. She is very talented and I think could turn this into a business if she choose to. She also developed photography business and has started a page on FB. I know she has several groups on FB and different YouTube channels.

Lisa and I both love to dance so we did a dare and danced outside in the street and it was very liberating :P

 Thanks Lisa for your friendship , your support and being you. You bless so many people. xoxoxoxxoxo