Monday, June 29, 2015

The Raw Food Retreat ! :)

Matt and Angela Monarch  have been building on their 30 acres of land, preparing the ideal place to hold retreats. Well, they ready!  :o)) They only will be holding one or two retreats a year here, so reserve,  your space today!
They invite you to stay with them, Oria and the whole crew there, for two weeks at their organic ranch in the beautiful Valley of Longevity, Vilcabamba, Ecuador.
This retreat is open to everyone: adults, children, families, raw and non-raw alike.
Enjoy intimate lectures and personal workshops, soak up the beautiful surroundings and revel in the experience of a lifetime!

Here is a link to take a peek !

I do not want to use credit so I am going to save and pray that I can raise enough money to go. It will be an opportunity of a lifetime with the atmosphere for health on every level. The quality of every essential need is at its purest. The air, water, coconuts, pure juices, divine gourmet prepared meals, yoga, lectures, nature walks, pristine air, lots of fun swimming pool and slide, trampoline and so many other activities. On top of that building new and healthy relationship with those who want to be healthy in a Holistic kind of way. The space 30 acres of gardens and nature will also personally give me a great sense of connection to GOD. No distractions and time to reflect and pray.

I have a few pics i screen captioned from the retreat that is currently happening. It is incredibly beautiful and the food looks so delicious.

 Fruit Salad

 Matt opening up a young coconut so easy peasy ! :)

 Here are some juices made fresh from the garden !

 The basil looks divine I could it it all up This sweet women is excited to see raw pasta and make it for the first time :)

Here is one of the master chefs. I call him Fileppe, but that is not his name Antonio i believe. he is a master a making raw pizza and countless other dishes... Sigh.. 

 These are a desert raw chocolate balls made with Spirulina. Yummo !! :P

 Here is a special place where the water runs pure clean water you can take a dip and be refreshed.  A lot of the people took a  turn and Matt assisted the ladies. :)

 This man here lost over a hundred pounds changing his lifestyle. I remember Matt saying her was going to interview him and some other who have healed from cancer. I hope he has time for that be nice to hear their stories...

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Forget me Nots ! :)

I have a special story i want to share with y'all....

Path of Yoga ~`

I have not been blogging so I need to relearn how to do this. I was having the hardest time signing There is a video I just love a little commercial for the show on channel 10 at 7:00 AM in the morning. I was in season five and now in seven. It would be really nice  to get a copy of season five and practice at home. I threw my TV out a few years back and so having the DVD's would work great for me.

Here is a picture of class in the Fall River Center beautiful !

A song from Forest Yogin

Forest Yogin's Music Project ~`

Forest Yogin

 I wanted to support my Yoga teacher in any way I can. I am hoping this may help raise some awareness to his request.  I love his teaching and want to see him raise the money he requires to be able to create his album. He has created music a long time ago nearly 20 years.  I believe he would love to see his original songs made into a real CD. he has as well new material.  He has a gift of music with just about every string instrument and his music and voice helps us go back to the awakened mind. His ultimate purpose is to serve others. He is a musician worth investing in.

Namaste *

I had some beautiful pics of him and others with their instruments. I will add as i come across more info and pictures...

I was broken from a toxic life ~

 This is where I come from my childhood home :)

Hi I have had blogging on my mind for a while now.  I have a lot to catch up on. I spent the last five years dealing with an illness called dysautonomia. For me I know for sure mine was from a combination of extreme chronic stress, trying to detox, becoming anemic. I believe STRESS was my factor along with the pharmaceutical drugs I have taken.

Two years ago lets say almost three I had a breakthrough being on Paxil temporarily. that was an antidepressant. I still felt emotional pain and loneliness, but I had motivation for a period of time. I spent several hours daily dancing, did the program Brazil butt Lift, took Yoga for the first time and was feeling more like the real me. I had more tolerance to deal with a very toxic relationship i was in. I just accepted the caoss knowing things would never get better, but continued to live with him in my life.
I was able to get my veggies and shop and he must have gotten a pay off for driving me. I paid him for rides. Well I know now it was clearly a codependent association. I secretly held disgust in my heart for me and this person.

Today I can happily announce I am OUT of that situation and will never look back. Nearly three years ago I was healthy and thin and felt good physically. Unfortunately something happened to me and it changed me for the worse. i was grieving feeling so lonely  a neighbor picked up on it. He always invited me to spend time coffee or a game of chess so i was going to take him up on his offer. Sadly he had other intentions and was attached. i did not know what happened until nine months later. I coud not face this horror, but one day i realized what had happened and i broke down. It was way to late to prove this due to the way I had coped. Nine months in I am asking myself why do i feel this pain and why do I need to drink every day ? Once I came to terms with it i had stopped drinking as much.... At this point my weight had went from 105 to 167 pounds.

Today I am doing my best to make changes and abstain from any drug. i do have my slip ups, but I know i am still in the healing phase of being deceived by a man. he got me to love him and then I find out he lied about absolutely everything.  I know i am still angry. I not longer grieve the loss of him before it was the loss of who he made me believe he was.

Today I am single like it that way and wont even consider having a man in my life until i am whole. i  need to learn to love myself again and find who i am again. i lost who i was and now i am starting over, but want to it with the help of Dr. Caroline Leaf's neuro science. Got to deal with the root issues that caused me to stay with a man who didn't love me.

These are pics of the house i grew up in. It was nice to see my old home again.