Friday, May 6, 2016

Caleb Thomas has quite an Influence

Hi I had to share someone whom I have been following the last few years.
I have watched him daily for a long time. he has posts and videos that inspire
me and life me up. His videos are packed full of truth and humor.
 Life has not been easy, but getting on his page listening to his encouragement

has given me an incentive to fight. he too is a Christian, a believer in
Jesus and you can see it shine in his demeanor and how deeply he cares
for the people he impacts. he is a perfect role model for me. I guess
I have many things in common a sense of humor, I love to encourage and
me faith in the Lord.

 Life can be hard, but he thinks outside of the box and has turned his life
around and reaching countless others. I can't imagine anything better
then reaching people to offer them a NEW perspective on life and offer
an oppertunity to life a life with hard work, yet eventually with financial
freedom. It is not just your circumstances, but setting your mind free from
all the negative hopeless mindset we can feel trapped in.

 Sheila is a precious girlie I adore. I think she has been a perfert partner
The two of them together keeps us laughing... I am sure she has no idea
how she is blessings others. It is true the saying a dog is mans best friend !

There is no greater love than unconditional love. Sheila is a gem !
Here is Caleb s story ! ;)