Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Living Salad with Organic Eggs

This is what one of my typical meals would look like these days. I usually eat a large plate of salad and at least six ounces of animal protein. I have mixed feelings about this, but two Naturopaths have told me to eat meat.

If your going to eat meat I encourage people to have it with salad. First the salad, then the meat. The salad with give your digestion a jump start. There are a lot of unwanted things in regular meat like hormones and antibiotics so getting organic is very important.

I do my best and been thinking if I can replace my protein with vegan I will. I find however when I don't eat meat I feel worse. This meal is nice and light for the most part.

Salad includes : field greens, onion, shredded beet, avocado, lots of sprouts clover, alfalfa and radish, cayenne pepper, Herbmare, black pepper and two free range eggs. I usually pour flax oil on top the size of a quarter with a squeeze of lemon.

When I have protein and fats I take all my fat vitamins like fish oil, evening primrose oil, lecithin, ubiquinol, Vit D3, iron and Vit C..

Been feeling somewhat better and hoping things will continue to improve as time goes by...