Saturday, May 30, 2009

Celery Leaves are edible !! I had no idea you could eat them. I love the leaves now more than the celery...

I have discovered how much I love celery. All my life I have thrown away the leaves of celery and now I have been eating them and enjoying them very much. I had no idea you could actually eat them. I have been putting celery and it's leaves in my green smoothie's and what a treat. Anything that has leaves that is edible I have been eating and I find veggies are getting sweeter to the taste all the time. ~

Breakfast - coffee

Lunch - two plates of salad, 3 tsp high dose fish oil

Supper - green smoothie - celery, leaves, avocado, lime, romain, spinach and cucumber

2 liters of alkaline water

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Radish Greens ( leaves ) They are edible and had no idea...

I have never really eaten radishes before I thought they were too strong to digest. Now that I am eating a lot of raw foods i find I can tolerate foods i could not before. To my delight I love radishes and shocked to find out I can eat the radish leaves. this is exciting to be able to eat these greens and know my body is getting more nutrition than ever. When I eat the radish leaves I find I can't get enough of them. I thought the leaves of vegetables were garbage or just garnishes.

Breakfast - green smoothie

Lunch - pizza topped with fresh basil leaves

Snack - licorice , bread XXXXXXXX

Supper - large salad with purple cabbage, red onion, radish leaves, romain,celery, cucumber, tomatoe and sunflower seeds

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dandelion Greens are one of my staples....

The dandilion greens were a hit! They are very bitter to the taste. I prepared a large salad with cut up red onion and , olive oil, lemon and real sea salt. The next day I tried it and the flavours had a chance to absorb and it was so delicious i ended up eating two plates of it!!

Dandelion is one of the best greens for detoxing your liver and helping you shed those unwanted pounds. I make a wonderful salad with dandilion greens and shredded beets that I call my, " Detox Salad "

My next greens I am going to try is watercress. It looks very good too. Can't wait to make another nutrient rich salad that is alive!!

Breakfast - dandilion salad

Lunch - raw chocolate pie
1 liter of alkaline water

Supper - Raw pizza topped with fresh basil

Monday, May 18, 2009

Raw Food Lifestyle

I have been wanting to keep a record of my diet to find out how to change to the 100% raw food diet. I would like to keep a record of ALL my information on here rather than facebook.

Breakfast -coffee,raw almond butter and banana on ezekiel flat bread

Lunch - soda crachers and rice cheese, green smoothie which had cucumber,spinach,avocado,wheat grass,red clover sprouts and lime

Snack - watermellon
Supper - lemon/ginger tonic, quinoa, onion ,almonds and peas
Snack - pie

~ I would like to add a salad daily with new greens such as dandilion greens,watercress,agulara and bok choy I still eat yeasty crackers and bread because I need to order a food dehydrator. I figure it will be alother six months beofre I can get one so i must increase my salads with nuts and seeds. I am disapointed how I am still living ,but it is going to take some more time to get organized. having a clean kitchen and planning ahead helps to have a successful day. I do still drink coffee and can't wait to be able to give it up. ~