Sunday, February 28, 2010

~ Snow Pea Shoots~

This was my first time trying to grow snow pea shoots. I bought a little starter kit which had a container and some dirt pellets. The container had a plastic cover that looked a little bit like a mini green house.

First I soaked my seeds for eight hours then rinsed them very well. I added them to these mini dirt pellets which swelled when I added water over them. Out of twelve seeds seven grew and developed into these beautiful green sprouts.

I transferred these snow pea shoots to my pretty blue tea pot and let them continue to grow. They grew to be at least seven inches before I cut them to try. All three of us tried them and what a delight they were. My son said they were the best tasting sprout he has ever eaten.

I am now planning on buying them in bulk to grow them regularly. I don't need to have a garden outside to grow these. They grow just fine on your windowsill. Just make sure the soil remains a little damp.

They make a beautiful garnish that is attractive and is very delicious. They taste so much better than regular snow peas. I have discovered that the greens of most veggies are more nutrient dense and are so much more satisfying.

A little tip I have learned from listening to David Wolfe a couple of weeks ago is that Horsetail Tea is an awesome tea which is good for treating candida as well as a good spray for your plants which will prevent mold from growing because it is a powerful anti-fungal agent.

Friday, February 19, 2010

~ Raw Fruit Punch~

This was a fun experiment and a huge hit with my family. I wanted to try a raw fruit punch. it is still high in sugar because it is fruit juice, but it is all natural. I used raspberry and grapefruit juice as the base.

I wanted to use some alkaline juice with it so I added fresh lime and lemon juice to it will at least a dozen ice cubes.

I used two lemons and two limes in addition as garnishes in my fruit punch. I thinly sliced them and cut them in half to add more colour to my punch.

I used about a cup and a half of frozen raspberries in this and dropped them on top to make it look pretty.

I then lastly I added fresh mint leaves inside the punch and on top to decorate this treat.

Even though it was sweet I could taste the flavour of the lemon and lime which made me feel clean after drinking three glasses of it. :)
For my next special occasion I will definitely be making this instead of the traditional punch which has orange juice and soda pop.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

~ Raw Pineapple Flowers ~

This recipe I had found from a Martha Stewart magazine years ago. It is amazing at how much pineapple could look so much like a flower. This recipe, however was not cooked, but dehydrated for several hours.

I peeled the pineapple and used a small melon ball tool to take out the brown corns which left little holes. This is what caused the pineapple to look as if it had petals.

I thinly sliced the pineapple and placed the pieces on the dehydrator tray.

I dehydrated these for about five hours at 105 degrees then flipped them for the same amount of time. As they became dry the edges curled up like real petals. I also noticed that the edges turned a deeper yellow.

These would make a wonderful garnish on a raw dessert or salad which I have done in my book which comes out next Month, March 2010.

These taste just like sour pineapple gummies. That are sooooooooo deeeeelishous!!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Reishi, Shilajit & Ormus with Rehmannia from The The Raw Food World TV Show

Take your health to a higher level by learning the teachings of Rehmannia Dean Thomas !! Integrate herbal medicine with your living food lifestyle !!

Rehmannia is a specialist in herbal medicine and he has created products which can take you a step further up the optimal health ladder. Herbal medicine is one of my passions and I want to learn how to incorporate herbal infusions with the living/green food lifestyle.

This teacher has a book that has just been published called, Healing Thresholds, which can turn your life around for the better. I am very excited to have this resource and thankful to know of his work.

You can purchase his book at:

Watch these two videos and you will be intrigued......

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

~ Almond Milk ~

It was a nice experience to make raw almond milk for the first time. First I soaked my almonds for eight hours to remove the enzyme inhibitors. Soaking them also makes the nuts easier to blend.

It is good when eating nuts to always remember to pre- soak them first. This makes the nut soft and alive. I usually throw a couple handfuls in a bowl with water in the morning or leave them overnight. Then I rinse them well before eating them as a snack or for use in a recipe.

I couldn't believe how much almond milk looked just like cows milk. It was very white and bubbly.

I tired some on my rawnolla and it was so light and delicious.....


1,1/2 cups soaked almonds
3 cups water
pinch of sea salt
1 medjool date
1/4 tsp vanilla

Add all the ingredients in the high speed blender and blend well. Use either a nut bag or a large piece of cheesecloth to strain the milk. Squeeze the bag or cloth well until all the milk is in the bowl. Use the leftover pulp in a raw nut crust or dessert. If you do end up throwing it away throw it in your compost or Angela Stokes won't be so happy...:)

My mother had given me a couple of old milk bottles that belonged to my grandmother. They were just sitting in her garage collecting dust. They must be at least 60 years old and what a treasure they are. I will use these bottles whenever I make homemade almond milk for my family.

Keep the milk in a airtight container in the fridge. It will last up to three days.....

You can use this in your smoothies, raw desserts, raw cereals or just as a glass of good wholesome milk minus all the poison.