Thursday, February 18, 2010

~ Raw Pineapple Flowers ~

This recipe I had found from a Martha Stewart magazine years ago. It is amazing at how much pineapple could look so much like a flower. This recipe, however was not cooked, but dehydrated for several hours.

I peeled the pineapple and used a small melon ball tool to take out the brown corns which left little holes. This is what caused the pineapple to look as if it had petals.

I thinly sliced the pineapple and placed the pieces on the dehydrator tray.

I dehydrated these for about five hours at 105 degrees then flipped them for the same amount of time. As they became dry the edges curled up like real petals. I also noticed that the edges turned a deeper yellow.

These would make a wonderful garnish on a raw dessert or salad which I have done in my book which comes out next Month, March 2010.

These taste just like sour pineapple gummies. That are sooooooooo deeeeelishous!!



  1. Hey these look great, such a good idea, and a tasty garnish too. I love dehydrated pineapple :)

  2. Those are gorgeous. Such a lovely idea :-)

  3. ooh with pasta - i like :)

  4. So pretty! I'd like to make these to decorate cupcakes I'm making for a friends wedding. I'm wondering, how many did you dehydrate at once? And how long do they keep?

    Thanks, L.