Wednesday, June 29, 2011

~ Vegan Pizza ~

This has been my vegan recipe I have had for years. It is a cooked pizza, but it is wheat free and dairy free with lots of raw toppings.....

~ Drink Coconut Water ~

Sunday, June 26, 2011

~ Blueberries and Cream ~

My favorite part of the dessert was the blueberries. These blueberries were picked a couple of months ago and we had frozen a bunch to try to make them last. I am surprised there are still some left. They are usually ALL gone within a couple of weeks. My son won't eat them due to my brothers insight on the fact that blueberries can have maggots in them. That ruined it for him. They used to be his favorite food on the planet. I hope he grows out of that silly thinking. As I picked blueberries the last couple of years I have not found one maggot....LOL !!

Here is a picture of my first try at making raw whip cream. I found it way too sweet for my liking and bitter. The recipe called for walnuts, almond milk, agave and vanilla.

Here is a better recipe
1 cup soaked cashews
1/2 cup coconut milk
1/4 cup maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla
Dash of sea salt
**Process until thick and fluffy **

Saturday, June 25, 2011

~ Dandelion Green Juice ~

I have finally found a juice I love and can tolerate. It is ironic because dandelion is excellent for detoxing the liver. I have tired many greens which makes me feel ill either bloated, nauseous or restless. I remember just a few months back i could not tolerate lemon in my juice and now my body accepts it. I am very thankful because it will help clean my body of unwanted toxins and help alkaline my body.

At first I was doing my regular cucumber, celery juice and began adding lemon about a month ago and now I can have it and it makes me feel so clean inside with no pains or acid reflex. I was concerned I would never be able to tolerate juice, but I have been lately. there have been days I can literally not feel my head and when I drink this juice i wake up my whole head and it makes me have more energy and stronger on my feet.

Now my juice consists of dandelion, cucumber, lemon, celery and apple...

I use this handy cutter to get my apple slices quickly apple will oxidize , but when added to the lemon it slows down the oxidation of the juice. I don't feel so rushed drinking my juice now with the lemon added.

The cucumbers lately have been so healthy and feel of water. They are so hydrating and feel so refreshing to drink or eat.

Here is the final product wish my camera took clearer pictures of the juice pure liquid energy that feels so wonderful in my body.

Give it a try and see how your body tolerates this juice. It is surprisingly delicious !!

Cheers !! :)

~ Proper Food Combining ~

I used to love turkey my favorite meat and I tried something new and what a difference from making some changes from what I used to eat. Instead of mixing an animal protein with a starch such as potato or wheat pasta I made up some veggie pasta with zucchini.

I am not so sure if you can see all the green in the background, but I am growing all sorts of sprouts and wheat grass. I added about five turkey meatballs to my veggie pasta. i added avocado and a tsp of flax oil. with the meat I find avocado is too much. When you stop eating meat you can feel the heaviness in your stomach. I am thankful for all the sprouts i had to help speed the digestion process.

I am finding when you eat raw/vegan you can eat a lot and it satisfies and is not painful, but if you eat animal protein it is much better to eat a third of what you used to eat.

I just love the green it is still my favorite part of my meals for the exception now for fresh raspberries. Well they are meant to eat on their oun as a snack. I either eat fruit for breakfast with hemp protein or before bed a little dish of raspberries and little bit of stevia...

These sprouts were sunflower sprouts and they are absolutely delicious even my son loves them. That makes me happy when he will eat something green.

~ Wheat Free Burrito ~

I have been trying to move away from animal protein , but at the same time working on getting complete protein every day. The combination of beans and rice make a complete protein so I have been adding this to my diet. I am still convinced the more veggies the better. Instead of having a bread wrap using a romaine leaf is much better for digestion.

We are not meant to eat a meal and feel like we are going to pass out from being tired. We are not supposed to also feel so full it hurts from being bloated. Eating bread or a starch with protein is very hard on digestion.

This meal was a combination of black beans, brown rice, seasonings, tomato cubed, avocado slices and again tons of sprouts all placed in a romaine leaf for the wrap.

I felt satisfied and not sluggish after eating three of these. This one one of my main meals now for the day.

~ Wild Salmon on Micro Green Salad ~

I spent the last year having protein of some sort with a mixture of raw foods. I was instructed by two naturopaths to eat meat. I am not a big fan of meat, but have tried to eat as clean as I can. Most of my meal is living food with some protein usually at least 6 oz.

This was one of my favorite meals and have it at least once a week. I have a plate of micro greens, cut up onion, cubed tomato, sliced avocado, lemon juice and loads of sprouts.

This meal is one that I usually end the day with the biggest meal of the day. For breakfast I have a fruit smoothie and in the evening green juice...

As good as this is I am working on removing animal protein from my diet slowly being mindful to keep up with my supplements of iron, amino acids, and Vit D 3 and Vit B 12...

Friday, June 24, 2011

~ Meat free, Wheat free with Raw Veggie Casserole ~

I was growing some more pea shoots and they got at least two feet tall in
my kitchen. I love they way they taste a lot like snow peas, but at just the
greens so sweet.

I decided to try something different and it tasted pretty good. I cooked some millet and added some turmeric, onion powder, herbmare and curry powder. It was cooked just like rice with a cup of almonds.

I then in another bowl chopped up and large vine tomato , some green onions and have a cup of hemp seeds.

I mixed the two together the millet and veggies and placed it in a crystal bowl over a bed of romaine leaves. Lastly I topped it off with some of my favorite snow pea shoots and cucumber slices. Delish !! :)

~ Earthing ~

I suffered with vertigo and paralysis last summer and for my sons birthday we made it to the beach. I was astounded at how my body responded to the air and current of the ocean. I could feel balance come back into my body. The vertigo that I was suffering with actually calmed down and my falls came to a halt. I felt strong on my feet and was able to focus for the first time in months.

Feeling my feet walking on the sand I could feel the power of the ocean moving in both directions corrected my balance. Also the air was very healing and calming. I would recommend it to anyone who suffers with any kind of illness.

I loved this experience so much I ended up going back every week. It got to the point where my vertigo left. This thing is one must be consistent in earthing getting grounded daily to see results. As the summer had ended I began to go barefoot walking around daily and it helped but not as much. I think I am meant to live in the country near lots of green with nature all around. In the fall I hugged trees daily as I went for my walks. I could feel it made a difference, but you need to be out a lot and I would say the ocean is most likely the best source of getting that energy to help my nervous system. Those negative ions the same ones you experience after a storm are filled with energy and oxygen our bodies need so much.

Here is the site to find out more on Earthing...

I remember walking alone the board walk breathing in the fresh air with salt. I have not made it so far this summer. It has been very cold this year sadly. I may have to get out despite the temperature. Walk barefoot in the cool weather. I much prefer when it is really warm with a breeze...

Shakaya has always been so helpful in her insight due to her many years of experience. She looks so much at peace and so filled full of life. All her choices of diet and lifestyle show in her natural beauty and her gentle character. To find out more about her to to her check out her site :