Friday, June 24, 2011

~ Meat free, Wheat free with Raw Veggie Casserole ~

I was growing some more pea shoots and they got at least two feet tall in
my kitchen. I love they way they taste a lot like snow peas, but at just the
greens so sweet.

I decided to try something different and it tasted pretty good. I cooked some millet and added some turmeric, onion powder, herbmare and curry powder. It was cooked just like rice with a cup of almonds.

I then in another bowl chopped up and large vine tomato , some green onions and have a cup of hemp seeds.

I mixed the two together the millet and veggies and placed it in a crystal bowl over a bed of romaine leaves. Lastly I topped it off with some of my favorite snow pea shoots and cucumber slices. Delish !! :)

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