Tuesday, June 14, 2011

~ Dr. John Fielder a Natural Hygenist ~

Dr Fielder, a certified teacher of Biogenic Living , Practice of Nature Cure, Fasting, Natural Hygiene, and Biogenic Living, teaches from his Lifestyle Consultant's Course in Natural Living, which is based upon these principles.

I worked with another doctor last year through skype and found it really gave my body a rest. He encouraged the same things as this doctor. Due to finances was unable to continue. He was an excellent doctor in information, but also was not reliable. Unfortunately getting the best help is to find someone locally or to go directly to these types of doctors. If I had the resources I would go and stay with Dr Fielder to help me body recover.

Last summer I did give my body about 18 hours of rest from food, but it was different. I began my day with a green juice 20 minutes before fruit and nuts and seeds in the early hours of the morning. i would go out in the sun for at least twenty minutes. Mid morning have juice then by two in the afternoon I would have my last meal. It was a large salad with a piece of organic protein. I would not eat again until the next day. he also encouraged me to get to bed very early and get up early. During hours of sleep I turned off all electronics and did this for three months. Once my body got used to that i worked up into a water fast. Unfortunately I did not have his supervision. I also didn't have the support I needed to complete the fast and gave up after six days. I intend to try this again and this summer first by slowing down how much I eat and what I eat and get back into those patterns again. It may not be until July, but I can't wait to begin this journey and hopefully complete the first phase of cleansing and giving my whole body a rest to finally find its balance again.

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