Saturday, June 25, 2011

~ Wheat Free Burrito ~

I have been trying to move away from animal protein , but at the same time working on getting complete protein every day. The combination of beans and rice make a complete protein so I have been adding this to my diet. I am still convinced the more veggies the better. Instead of having a bread wrap using a romaine leaf is much better for digestion.

We are not meant to eat a meal and feel like we are going to pass out from being tired. We are not supposed to also feel so full it hurts from being bloated. Eating bread or a starch with protein is very hard on digestion.

This meal was a combination of black beans, brown rice, seasonings, tomato cubed, avocado slices and again tons of sprouts all placed in a romaine leaf for the wrap.

I felt satisfied and not sluggish after eating three of these. This one one of my main meals now for the day.

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