Saturday, June 25, 2011

~ Dandelion Green Juice ~

I have finally found a juice I love and can tolerate. It is ironic because dandelion is excellent for detoxing the liver. I have tired many greens which makes me feel ill either bloated, nauseous or restless. I remember just a few months back i could not tolerate lemon in my juice and now my body accepts it. I am very thankful because it will help clean my body of unwanted toxins and help alkaline my body.

At first I was doing my regular cucumber, celery juice and began adding lemon about a month ago and now I can have it and it makes me feel so clean inside with no pains or acid reflex. I was concerned I would never be able to tolerate juice, but I have been lately. there have been days I can literally not feel my head and when I drink this juice i wake up my whole head and it makes me have more energy and stronger on my feet.

Now my juice consists of dandelion, cucumber, lemon, celery and apple...

I use this handy cutter to get my apple slices quickly apple will oxidize , but when added to the lemon it slows down the oxidation of the juice. I don't feel so rushed drinking my juice now with the lemon added.

The cucumbers lately have been so healthy and feel of water. They are so hydrating and feel so refreshing to drink or eat.

Here is the final product wish my camera took clearer pictures of the juice pure liquid energy that feels so wonderful in my body.

Give it a try and see how your body tolerates this juice. It is surprisingly delicious !!

Cheers !! :)

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  1. So beautiful! Thank you.

    I am having dandelion juice right now. I also added lemon, cucumber, green apple and celery. But I can tolerate most greens it seems, so I also included lacinato kale, and a small piece of ginger.

    Ginger adds heat so it's good during the cold months. But if you use too much for your level of tolerance it might leave you with a slight burning sensation in your chest and stomach.

    This is the first time I use mostly dandelion greens in the juice as opposed to kale. We'll see how my body reacts to it.