Friday, June 24, 2011

~ Earthing ~

I suffered with vertigo and paralysis last summer and for my sons birthday we made it to the beach. I was astounded at how my body responded to the air and current of the ocean. I could feel balance come back into my body. The vertigo that I was suffering with actually calmed down and my falls came to a halt. I felt strong on my feet and was able to focus for the first time in months.

Feeling my feet walking on the sand I could feel the power of the ocean moving in both directions corrected my balance. Also the air was very healing and calming. I would recommend it to anyone who suffers with any kind of illness.

I loved this experience so much I ended up going back every week. It got to the point where my vertigo left. This thing is one must be consistent in earthing getting grounded daily to see results. As the summer had ended I began to go barefoot walking around daily and it helped but not as much. I think I am meant to live in the country near lots of green with nature all around. In the fall I hugged trees daily as I went for my walks. I could feel it made a difference, but you need to be out a lot and I would say the ocean is most likely the best source of getting that energy to help my nervous system. Those negative ions the same ones you experience after a storm are filled with energy and oxygen our bodies need so much.

Here is the site to find out more on Earthing...

I remember walking alone the board walk breathing in the fresh air with salt. I have not made it so far this summer. It has been very cold this year sadly. I may have to get out despite the temperature. Walk barefoot in the cool weather. I much prefer when it is really warm with a breeze...

Shakaya has always been so helpful in her insight due to her many years of experience. She looks so much at peace and so filled full of life. All her choices of diet and lifestyle show in her natural beauty and her gentle character. To find out more about her to to her check out her site :

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