Saturday, June 18, 2011

~ Music is good medicine for the Soul ~

I guess I am a true romantic at heart and have forgotten that due to life's harshness. I want to be free to live again.

I have loved Celine Dion forever and this particular album "A New Day Has Come", is one of my most favorite ones. There are many special memories with this music. I will always cherish it and dream to go for long walks again with all the green around me and the presence of God.


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  1. Hello my sweet friend, congratulations, very good your blog. I am Speaker from Argentina and I invite you to listen to the best romantic ballads in the world with my voice and my blog. From Saturday, June 18, i'll do a tribute to the music of EEUU. I hope that your visit.
    A warm hello to you.
    Beto, from Rosario, Argentina.