Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Got my little sprouting system !! I am going to make some radish and sunflower sprouts...

Picture from ~ Vermont Herb & Salad Company

Radish Spouting Seeds ......

Day one soaking radish seeds in brand new sprouting system....

Day three........

Day four......

Day five and ready to cut for salad...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My first Raw Corn Chips !!

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My new and improved "Raw Chocolate Pie" !!

~ It has Maca, Hemp,Goji and Cacoa ~ Mmmm

Today I tried something new and made my first" Raw Corn Chips". They were very hot and delicious. I will next time try to make them a little thicker and make only one tray instead of two. I am so excited that my son even likes them. He has a wheat and yeast intolerance and I want to find some raw bread and crackers he can start to eat as snacks.

My chocolate pie is delicious with a almond/goji berry crust !! I LOVE RAW FOOD !! (:

It is sooooo much fun and so easy once you get the hang of it.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Chlorophylle in Liquid form is another option to raise your PH levels..

I have tried to mainly focus on consuming green foods that contain chlorophylle. I would say that is at least 70 % of my diet. Chlorophylle cleans the blood and slows down the aging process. The more I eat and drink the cleaner I feel . I crave living foods so much more than the old way of eating. As I take my evening stroll around our lake I see all the green and my mouth water's for the grass and leaves.

I do make raw deserts regularly for my family and have tried a new blueberry cheesecake for my husband. I also have discovered how to improve my raw chocolate pie which encludes many superfoods.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Food Dehydrator and my first attempt at raw crackers...

~ Ani Phyo's Sunflower Bread ~

Just got my dehydrator today and am very excited. I tried Ani Phyo's sunflower bread recipe. I didn't have any ground flax so i used just the seeds.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Avocado's... have them diced or massaged in your salad

It is very exciting to discover something new that you know will be a regular part of your life. I have tried to add avocado to my salad in a new way. I begun to massage half an avocado in my large plate of salad . Today I had watercress and roamin leaves and massaged the avocado in the leaves. It has the texture of mayonaise and with lemon and sea salt it is a keeper. I will post some picture later on of this new discovery ..

Breakfast - romain and watercress salad with avocado

Alkaline water

Snack -Celery sticks and the leaves

nuts and sunflower seeds

Raw/Vegan Protien ...hemp and goji berries are superfoods that are complete protiens

The ( SAD ) recomends that 30% of our diet to be protien. The truth is that we do not need so much and only need around 7%. Eating green leafy veggies gives you most of the amino acids you need to give you enough protien to be healthy. There are a couple of raw foods that are complete protiens which I would like to add to my salads and smoothie's. Gogi Berries are one of the ten top superfoods and it is the best berry on the planet. It is a complete protien and am looking forward to trying some. My son starts high school in the fall and will pack a handfull in his lunchbox. I eat large salads every day and plan to also try Hemp seeds. This will ensure I am getting more protien.

Breakfast - dandelion leaves, red onion, sunflower seeds,
cucumber, celery, romain, lemon juice , olive oil ,avocado and cayenne
Lunch - more leaf salad
Alkaline water
Supper - more salad
celery /cucumber juice
raw chocolate pie with maca
Alkaline water