Monday, June 15, 2009

Raw/Vegan Protien ...hemp and goji berries are superfoods that are complete protiens

The ( SAD ) recomends that 30% of our diet to be protien. The truth is that we do not need so much and only need around 7%. Eating green leafy veggies gives you most of the amino acids you need to give you enough protien to be healthy. There are a couple of raw foods that are complete protiens which I would like to add to my salads and smoothie's. Gogi Berries are one of the ten top superfoods and it is the best berry on the planet. It is a complete protien and am looking forward to trying some. My son starts high school in the fall and will pack a handfull in his lunchbox. I eat large salads every day and plan to also try Hemp seeds. This will ensure I am getting more protien.

Breakfast - dandelion leaves, red onion, sunflower seeds,
cucumber, celery, romain, lemon juice , olive oil ,avocado and cayenne
Lunch - more leaf salad
Alkaline water
Supper - more salad
celery /cucumber juice
raw chocolate pie with maca
Alkaline water

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  1. Cool post! I love gojis! I've had to really kick up the protein in my diet with lots of spirulina and hemp seeds. If I stay on top of the protein that way, I don't feel deprived. Keep up the great work!