Thursday, November 18, 2010

~ Shakaya Leone ~

Presenting Shakaya Leone !!

"These photos belong to Shakaya "

One of the most influential and significant women in the raw food world and in my life has been Shakaya Breeze. She has been living the raw food lifestyle for eight years now and has a lot of experience in what works and what doesn't.

Being comfortable in your own skin and staying vibrant whether your in your thirties, mid forties or even in your seventies is more than possible. I am touched by her vision and what she has accomplished by writing a book called, " Naked Beauty". This book is revolutionary and I believe it is going to change women's health and how they feel about themselves and their approach to taking care of themselves. Adopting her advice is very exciting !! You can find a copy of "Naked Beauty "at :

Shakaya's elegance and beauty is something I aspire to. I am still quite new to this lifestyle. She is seasoned by experience which has transformed her life and body into a natural, vibrant beauty. She is on a mission. She is passionate about replacing the predominant "milk mustache" with a green one. The future model for health is in living, green foods....

I have been able to relate to Shakaya the last couple of years watching her and seeing her love and passion for foraging for wild edibles as she calls it. What once seemed like just weeds has become food. I get excited to go outside and see all the food that is out there. Mind you, what you see outside is not necessarily edible unless it is clean and pesticide free. I enjoyed finding raw berries, dandelion greens and loads of clover.

Edible weeds, herbs and leafy greens is my passion and just love all her photos.

I was really touched by her blog article describing how a homeless man led her to a natural spring. His serendipitous appearance blessed her whole family with a wealth of natural bounty. I wondered if perhaps he was a messenger sent by God to help her find her way. I mentioned to her that "You never know when you are entertaining an angel". The thought of it just gave me goose bumps.

Be one of the fortunate people who can learn from her wisdom and begin to enjoy life to it's fullest by following in her bare foot steps and Naked Beauty.