Sunday, July 6, 2014

Things have changed ~

 I wanted to keep up with what I have been doing. As you know I have battled with an illness, dysautonomia and still I have had a long journey of getting to the other side. I did have CFS and fibromyalgia and constant migraines and no longer suffer due to the adaptogen blend I take. There is a cure for fibro and dysautonomia. Legally I cannot claim what it is just yet. i do believe when clinical studies are done then it will be proven. Alternative medicine is new so the medical field has no idea and no cure. They encourage us to support the pharmaceutical companies which is only a band-aid at best. Putting a chemical into your body will only exasperate your health and cause other complications. I would much rather support the farmers and discover healing rather then the pharmaceutical industry. Writing is not my strength  I used to have my ex edit for me I am that bad with grammar.

Well anyway I am happy to share that I have learned a lot in the last three years.... I know I need to share my story because I believe it will help others..

Currently I am beginning a new program which I love. I dislike exercise and this program I actually say I look forward to doing the workouts.  PiYO is not high impact on your joints.  It focuses on alignment, flexibility and core strength. So when I am doing this I sweat like crazy and get super results in toning.

 I will be posting before and after pics. I got a new camera so once i figure out how to use it I will being making videos and pictures..