Saturday, November 26, 2011

~ Gluten Free Pot Pie ~

For a while now I have been looking for healthier alternatives for my family. Wheat is so overused and is an allergen for most people. My son has an intolerance to wheat and contributes to feeling tired, bloated and headaches. Wheat can prevent us from absorbing essential nutrients.
The only form of wheat I want my family to have is in the form of green grass. When you sprout wheat berries you can grow a beautiful grass which is packed full of chlorophyll which many healing properties.

I found this recipe from one of my favorites sites called , " The Spunky Coconut". This recipe has a pastry made with coconut flour, almond meal and tapioca flour. Click this link to get her famous pie crust recipe :

Every ingredient is whole and organic which is wheat and dairy free.

There are a couple of cups of free range chicken added to this recipe. It is optional if you don't eat meat you can either just have the veggies or add some some sprouted green lentils.

The sauce is delicious and made with almond milk and all sorts of spices. Click here to get the sauce recipe :

I am so tempted to just make the filling and eat it is as is without the crust because I do find it heavy. I am not used to pastry I mostly eat veggies. As a general rule keeping meat and grains separate is healthier and easier to digest, but this is a treat once in a while. Also for those who eat this way this is a very good substitute for wheat and shortening. The pastry has coconut oil instead of shortening which is so much healthier for you.

I was in awe at how beautiful it looked before I put the top layer and admired it. I am so thankful this is possible to make something traditional without the wheat.

Here is the crust it is a little more work than using regular pastry because it is gluten free and it breaks up. It requires patience and lots of love.

Here is a picture after it was just out of the oven and I cut my fist piece quickly because it smelled so good. The crust is a little sweet because it has apple sauce and ground chia in it which gives it that special touch.