Monday, September 2, 2013

A lot of Changes

Hi I have not been blogging. I have gotten away from my creative foods. Even though that is the case I am still very passionate about health and diet. After so many years now I see myself as a non professional leader. I am a self taught coach and leader in the raw/vegan world and now  using sophisticated super foods that have given me back my health.

I suffered all my life with

Chemical sensitivity
Low blood pressure
Unballenced blood sugars
Severe menstrual pain ( In bed 3-5 days)
Inability to Sweat
Blood circulation issies
Overactive urinary issues
Brain Fog
Memory Loss
Unable to control body temp
hypo thyroidism
Adrenal burn out

I presently and have been the last year still juice , have a whole foods meal and have my Shakeology

this particular shake is like no other on the market. I always had smoothies, put a lot of fruit, ground flax and some vegan protien powder. it cost about 70 dollars for that. What I use now has a vegan protien, but it has only clean, organic, nutrient dense super foods. this meal replacement puts the body in the right conditions to give your body what it needs to find balance and healing in all areas. the key word is Adaptogens. These beautiful foods go in find what is off and create balance. Blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugars, hormone issues is to name a few testimonies from thousands of people. In my life I have experienced healing in all areas I have written about. I am pain free for the first time in my life. I also love that it works on balancing out your mood and mental focus. Lastly it gives you outstanding stamina to complete your work out and it accelerate weight loss safely and naturally. It is literally the Best meal of the day. here is my link where you can check this shake out. i won't lie it cost about five dollars a day, but a steal for what it does it is not just a meal, but i call it a heal meal for whatever help you need. You need to give it at least 30 days and most people start to see the benefits...If you try it get a blood panel done before you start and then check again in three months and you will be astounded at what you discover....

Blessings ~