Saturday, May 30, 2009

Celery Leaves are edible !! I had no idea you could eat them. I love the leaves now more than the celery...

I have discovered how much I love celery. All my life I have thrown away the leaves of celery and now I have been eating them and enjoying them very much. I had no idea you could actually eat them. I have been putting celery and it's leaves in my green smoothie's and what a treat. Anything that has leaves that is edible I have been eating and I find veggies are getting sweeter to the taste all the time. ~

Breakfast - coffee

Lunch - two plates of salad, 3 tsp high dose fish oil

Supper - green smoothie - celery, leaves, avocado, lime, romain, spinach and cucumber

2 liters of alkaline water

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