Monday, May 18, 2009

Raw Food Lifestyle

I have been wanting to keep a record of my diet to find out how to change to the 100% raw food diet. I would like to keep a record of ALL my information on here rather than facebook.

Breakfast -coffee,raw almond butter and banana on ezekiel flat bread

Lunch - soda crachers and rice cheese, green smoothie which had cucumber,spinach,avocado,wheat grass,red clover sprouts and lime

Snack - watermellon
Supper - lemon/ginger tonic, quinoa, onion ,almonds and peas
Snack - pie

~ I would like to add a salad daily with new greens such as dandilion greens,watercress,agulara and bok choy I still eat yeasty crackers and bread because I need to order a food dehydrator. I figure it will be alother six months beofre I can get one so i must increase my salads with nuts and seeds. I am disapointed how I am still living ,but it is going to take some more time to get organized. having a clean kitchen and planning ahead helps to have a successful day. I do still drink coffee and can't wait to be able to give it up. ~

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