Sunday, May 24, 2009

Radish Greens ( leaves ) They are edible and had no idea...

I have never really eaten radishes before I thought they were too strong to digest. Now that I am eating a lot of raw foods i find I can tolerate foods i could not before. To my delight I love radishes and shocked to find out I can eat the radish leaves. this is exciting to be able to eat these greens and know my body is getting more nutrition than ever. When I eat the radish leaves I find I can't get enough of them. I thought the leaves of vegetables were garbage or just garnishes.

Breakfast - green smoothie

Lunch - pizza topped with fresh basil leaves

Snack - licorice , bread XXXXXXXX

Supper - large salad with purple cabbage, red onion, radish leaves, romain,celery, cucumber, tomatoe and sunflower seeds

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