Saturday, June 25, 2011

~ Proper Food Combining ~

I used to love turkey my favorite meat and I tried something new and what a difference from making some changes from what I used to eat. Instead of mixing an animal protein with a starch such as potato or wheat pasta I made up some veggie pasta with zucchini.

I am not so sure if you can see all the green in the background, but I am growing all sorts of sprouts and wheat grass. I added about five turkey meatballs to my veggie pasta. i added avocado and a tsp of flax oil. with the meat I find avocado is too much. When you stop eating meat you can feel the heaviness in your stomach. I am thankful for all the sprouts i had to help speed the digestion process.

I am finding when you eat raw/vegan you can eat a lot and it satisfies and is not painful, but if you eat animal protein it is much better to eat a third of what you used to eat.

I just love the green it is still my favorite part of my meals for the exception now for fresh raspberries. Well they are meant to eat on their oun as a snack. I either eat fruit for breakfast with hemp protein or before bed a little dish of raspberries and little bit of stevia...

These sprouts were sunflower sprouts and they are absolutely delicious even my son loves them. That makes me happy when he will eat something green.

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