Sunday, February 28, 2010

~ Snow Pea Shoots~

This was my first time trying to grow snow pea shoots. I bought a little starter kit which had a container and some dirt pellets. The container had a plastic cover that looked a little bit like a mini green house.

First I soaked my seeds for eight hours then rinsed them very well. I added them to these mini dirt pellets which swelled when I added water over them. Out of twelve seeds seven grew and developed into these beautiful green sprouts.

I transferred these snow pea shoots to my pretty blue tea pot and let them continue to grow. They grew to be at least seven inches before I cut them to try. All three of us tried them and what a delight they were. My son said they were the best tasting sprout he has ever eaten.

I am now planning on buying them in bulk to grow them regularly. I don't need to have a garden outside to grow these. They grow just fine on your windowsill. Just make sure the soil remains a little damp.

They make a beautiful garnish that is attractive and is very delicious. They taste so much better than regular snow peas. I have discovered that the greens of most veggies are more nutrient dense and are so much more satisfying.

A little tip I have learned from listening to David Wolfe a couple of weeks ago is that Horsetail Tea is an awesome tea which is good for treating candida as well as a good spray for your plants which will prevent mold from growing because it is a powerful anti-fungal agent.

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