Friday, February 19, 2010

~ Raw Fruit Punch~

This was a fun experiment and a huge hit with my family. I wanted to try a raw fruit punch. it is still high in sugar because it is fruit juice, but it is all natural. I used raspberry and grapefruit juice as the base.

I wanted to use some alkaline juice with it so I added fresh lime and lemon juice to it will at least a dozen ice cubes.

I used two lemons and two limes in addition as garnishes in my fruit punch. I thinly sliced them and cut them in half to add more colour to my punch.

I used about a cup and a half of frozen raspberries in this and dropped them on top to make it look pretty.

I then lastly I added fresh mint leaves inside the punch and on top to decorate this treat.

Even though it was sweet I could taste the flavour of the lemon and lime which made me feel clean after drinking three glasses of it. :)
For my next special occasion I will definitely be making this instead of the traditional punch which has orange juice and soda pop.

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  1. OMG this sounds amazing!! I'll have to make this in the summer!! Thanks!