Tuesday, January 11, 2011

~ Raw/Vegan Cannelloni ~

This Cannelloni creation was very good and next time I will use the white cream cheese recipe I had in my earlier post. Cannelloni usually has white cheese and this time I just used the tomato sauce that was used for the raw lasagna.

I enjoyed every bite of this....

One of these is filling for hours !!

I love to eat very slowly and taste the flavor of natural herbs rather than all those sugars, salts and chemicals that are in all foods you buy at the supermarket. All those chemicals in packaged foods are very addictive. They cause tremendous stress on your immune system.

This is something that is pleasant for the tastebuds minus the damaging effects of processed foods.


  1. Looks fantastic, where can i find the recipie?

  2. This looks amazing, nice work!