Sunday, January 16, 2011

~ Wild Tuna & Living Salad ~

As most of you know I have been eating some animal protein with my meals . I feel I need it so I am continuing to try to choose clean protein. The tuna fish comes from a can and it is wild. Wild fish is not full of mercury and other contaminants. It is much more expensive to eat the best meat, but I need to make that choice for myself. I really want to overcome the health I have have been expereicing.

I have spent most of my life avoiding meat because I just don't like it. As a girl I remember throwing my meat underneath the table. I am surprised I had never gotten in trouble for that. What a mess my mother finding old meat underneath the grooves of the kitchen table. I really don't like it and the thought of harming a pore little animal breaks my heart. I try not to think of that and put my health first for now.

I was always anemic with my iron, but going totally raw/vegan really depleted all my iron and B 12. So most days I eat living salads along with some sort of protein. Making changes does take time. It is hard to eating perfectly well especially when you loose your vision. I admit I have a sweet tooth and I LOVE coffee . I have been trying to give it up and every morning I find myself drinking a cup I wake up feeling afraid of what kind of unwanted symptoms the day will bring . I drink the coffee it gives my brain a lift and then my throat and chest tightens. I know I need to give up coffee I really need some strength to resist the temptation. I think the bottom line is I am uncertain exactly what what to do. I have tried eating all green liquid foods and found myself very ill. I am still waiting on getting a diagnosis and direction. Next month I go for a spinal tap to see if I have Multiple Sclerosis, but even if I do have it I know without a doubt I have some sort of Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction. I believe it is from a few things. Number one cause is having had the Ebstien Bar Virus as a teenager. I was in bed for over 18 months really ill. The second thing is being anemic and going raw/vegan was a big mistake for me. It caused damage to my nervous system . People with mono antibodies can really struggle with all sort of issues like candida, chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue etc. Especially the nervous system, endocrine and immune system is effected causing auto immune conditions. Thirdly and most importantly is 'stress' can cause illness.

Anyhow I am taking a lot of things to support my nervous system and trying to find what works to help me recover. It is coming slowly and will share with you what seems to be working. Managing stress and retraining your thinking is so important because stress can deplete the body of all the nourishment you try to put in your body. If possible going outside daily in the sun especially in the early morning hours will give you the Vit D your body needs. Fresh air and sin shine is essential for your health. Being hydrated also is very important so trying to drink more water. this may sound like a lot, but working on drinking 4 liters of water a day will improve your health. Drink in between meals though, It is not good to drink with meals for a couple of reasons. It dilutes the hydrochloric acid in your stomach thus making it more difficult to digest your food. Also it flushes away the nutrition you have put in your body. Drinking a half an hour before you eat and two hours after your eat is the best way to drink your fluids.

In my salad I have field greens, green onions, cubed yellow bell pepper, diced tomato, cut up celery, celery seed, black pepper, cubed avocado, alfalfa and clover sprouts...

I am learning that what you fire together in your brain will rewire and your health will slowly improve.
Being in touch with symptoms, your emotions, your thoughts are so important. Taking it another step further and changing what you acknowledge and thinking on good things can change your body chemistry eventually. I am no expert at this, but know of certain people who are well trained in this area. I am very thankful to have crossed paths with them.

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