Saturday, January 15, 2011

~ Green Juice ~

Green juice has been one of my new staples. I always used to juice cucumber and celery, but now I have been adding more veggies. I find it always changes depending on what is available in the market. Cucumbers have been hard to come by for some reason. It is hard to find healthy fresh ones. Unfortunately they have the most liquid in them so not having them makes my juice more intense with other greens. I have to be careful not to add too much due to my sensitive system.

I was adding ginger root to my juices, but have noticed it makes my nervous system react in a negative way. I feel too wired so I have been adding lemon and its rind instead.

My favorite greens are dandelion greens, but have not been able to get some lately.
They are very good for you in terms of cleaning the liver. I find on their oun they are very bitter, but with some fruit or lemon they taste just fine. Also I feel good too so they are a perfect choice.

I was surprised to see that Martha Stewart juicing, I forget where I came across a video of her juicing, but tried her recipe and just loved it.

She had cucumber, celery, parsley , ginger root, papaya, apple and spinach.

I have added in today's juice cucumber, celery, parsley, romaine, clover sprouts, romaine lettuce, lemon and apple....

Here is a little picture of my juicer nothing special , but it gets the job done. I am impressed at how smoothly it juices and how easy it is to clean after wards.

I always add some celery as a garnish one of my favorite greens to chew on.

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