Sunday, January 16, 2011

~ Raw/Vegan Pizza ~

I find my raw pizza is getting better each time I make it. I used for the crust the buckwheat recipe I have created. It can taste a little dry so I have been adding more raw toppings.

I cube tomatoes, avocado and onions. I also use lots of whatever kind of sprout I have in my fridge.

The colors are so beautiful....

I added some cilantro and it was so scrumptious. I don't know why, but at first cilantro tasted repulsive and now months later it is my favorite green. I love the smell and the taste. My mouth waters at the sight of it. It is so funny to get so excited about greens :)

This meal is very filling as well just like the raw lasagna. You feel full and clean afterward because there is no dairy,wheat or animal protein. This pizza is 100 % natural and free of all chemicals !!


  1. As always, you've outdone yourself! Amazing. I'll clean your house if you cook for me!! LOL!! Hugs,

  2. Oops! I mean "prepare" raw foods for me! lol. =)