Monday, September 21, 2009

~ Raw Un-Stirfry ~

Roses are so beautiful to look at, to smell and are even edible. I never thought stir fry could be served with a flower, but it can be. Organic roses have many health benefits and I am working on a post to give some specific information on roses..... I made a large batch fo veggies for a regular stir fry and took out a portion for myself that was left uncooked.

If you just let the juices from the vegetables and seasonings set for a while it will marinate the veggies. Lemon juice and olive oil are two things I always add to ALL of my salads..

Instead of cooking rice I took a head of cauliflower and processed it and made up something similar to couscous ....

I have not mentioned this before, but I am working on a book and it is my hope to be able to publish my personal best recipes with loads of photo's.....


  1. Looks great and I bet a book would do have some great ideas and really beautiful makes me want to try it all!

  2. Thank you for following me and your encouragement. I am having a lot of fun and I really want to share this fun and will continue as the inspiration flows....It seems to be almost daily lately...
    Hugs <3<3 Terri (: