Wednesday, September 9, 2009

~ Mini Raw Moca Cheesecake ~

These delicious Mini Coffee Cheesecakes were inspired from the book Sweet Gratitude. I added half the agave because for me the original reicipe was too sweet. Instead of coffee we used coffee sustitute something called Dandy blend.

There is a lot of thought and effort that goes into getting a desert to taste just right. The consistency and sweetness becomes just like a science. It is so delicious and has no diary, eggs or cane sugar. To top it al off the base of raw cheesecake are usually cashews and they are soaked. The soaking causes them to become very soft and removes the enzyme inhibitors. These nuts now become alive and more digestable. It tastes the same as regular cheesecake without the pain that standard cheesecake causes due to dairy which is very toxic and undigestable. Dairy is not meant to be eaten because it causes inflamation and mucus in the respiratory tract and intestines.

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