Sunday, September 13, 2009

~ Raw Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream ~

I was surprised at how the consistency of the ice cream turned out. It looked just like solid ice cream and had exactly the same texture. It tasted very creamy and you wouldn't know it wasn't that plain old dairy ice cream.

Once I blended all the ingredients, I poured it into a container and put that into the freezer. Every hour I took it out to give a stir since we don't have an ice cream maker. This was my first attempt making raw ice cream. After about 4-5 hours I was able to get the right consistency.

~ Raw Vanilla Ice Cream ~

- 1 cup cashews ( soaked)

- 1 cup cashew milk

- 1/2 cup coconut meat

- 1/4 cup coconut oil

- 1/4 cup agave

- 2 Tbs vanilla

I am very excited to finally make a batch of raw ice cream. I've always wanted to find a better, healthy alternative to dairy ice cream. The normal stuff is loaded with sugar, dairy and pure saturated fat. Every once in a while I give in, and binge on some regular ice cream.
My husband's favorite food is ice cream of course so he often brings it home and the temptation is just sitting there calling me. I give in and after I eat some of it, I feel pain in my stomach and bloated. I always regret it afterwords and have to deal with the consequences.

Now we have an ice cream for the family that is 100 % guilt free. We don't have to worry about weight gain or the harmful effects of typical ice cream. I am looking forward to creating different types of ice cream. I think my next attempt(s) will be; blueberry ice cream, strawberry ice cream and then hopefully even coffee ice cream.

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