Saturday, September 12, 2009

~ Blackberry Cobbler ~

We went back to the blackberry bushes and picked around four cups. Most of them there were already picked so we had to climb into the middle of the bushes very carefully, stepping on the thorn branches to keep them from being a danger, to get berries that were deep in the bush.

I had noticed some white clover flowers were beginning to turn pink on the way home. I thought that they looked pretty, and I picked a few. I usually have a taste to pick a bunch to snack on when I am out.

Here you see below is the 'crumbly' part of the cobbler. Normally in cobblers there is butter, brown sugar and wheat flour or oats, but I am now happy to be using nuts, dates, lemon juice and spices.

I washed these berries in baking soda to get any dirt off them first before eating.

These were so delicious without any sugar. I like them with a little fresh lemon juice which enhances the taste even more.

As I was taking my pictures I found my beach rocks lying around on the window sill. I played with them for a little while and came up with a cute little picture. I think all this raw food is waking me up and I am learning to enjoy life more than ever.

My first Raw Cobbler

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