Saturday, September 5, 2009

~ Opening Coconuts ~

I was shocked to find young white coconuts today at the market. I was questioning if they were fresh. I always wanted to look inside a young coconut and try the soft meat.

These coconuts are dipped in formaldehyde to preserve them. The fresh young Thai Green coconuts don't last as long. Maybe four to five days.... They need to be kept chilled in the fridge. These have the green removed and are not as good because of the chemical.

I would prefer to buy fresh coconuts that are organic and have no preservatives at all. This was more of an experiment.

Love the beautiful white meat !!

I poured the coconut water into a mason jar to have a look at it. It was not as clean as my first coconut I opened last month. That coconut was mature, but very fresh. The water was soooo refreshing and sweet.

This water is packed full of essential minerals and is one of the best fluids on the planet to drink. If you are looking to feel replenished and hydrated drink the fresh water of a coconut. Make sure it has not gone bad.

Soft Coconut Meat

The soft coconut meat is good for adding to smoothies and raw desserts. I have always wanted to try a raw coconut cream pie

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  1. I am way excited that you were able to find these coconuts! I think I would faint if I had such luck in Israel! LOL! Looks like you enjoyed it! Great Blog Terri! Bina :)