Friday, September 18, 2009

~ Raw Pesto on Zucchini Noodles ~

We had yet another hit in my family. Today was the first time I have tried Raw Pesto on zucchini noodles. I used the recipe from the same book RAWvolution. I usually can taste what it needs and changed it a bit to suit my family's taste buds.

There isn't a day in the week that goes by that we don't use Real Celtic Sea Salt. This is what I use in ALL of my recipes. There are times when I get this salt and just put a few gains on my tongue to give me some energy. Real Salt is good for you and it feeds your cells. But you must be careful if you have high blood pressure, if you don't have those issues; then enjoy. When we are having sugar cravings, what we really need is mineral salts.

Pine nuts are really expensive, so I used half pine nuts and for the other half, some sunflower seeds.

It feels so good to use all natural products with no chemicals or preservatives...

Lemon juice is something I use in most of my recipes as well....

I couldn't believe the color of this pesto, it had a lime green color.

I mixed the pesto in with my zucchini noodles before I put it on my large plate.

We had lots of basil in this dish and also used it as a garnish to decorate and make it look more attractive. Basil is a great digestive aid and it is good to snack on a few leaves before eating your meal.

Here is a closer look at this beautiful dish......


  1. This looks delicious. I have been looking for a raw pesto recipe. I have to try this with my zuke noodles. :)