Thursday, September 10, 2009

~ Finding Wild Blackberries ~

I have been waiting the last couple of months to pick these blackberries . I noticed months back all kinds of blackberry bushes on the route we take around the lake. We were surprised to see them ready today... There were tons of them and we had no bucket.

As you can see someone found them before us and had picked a bunch.

This sweet lady came up to us and told us how excited she was to find these. She had a bag half full of them. She told us her story about her annual blackberry picking. She was hoping to get enough to make a pie. She mentioned that every year she pickes enough to make at least one pie. Nomally she picked them at her cottage, but there wasn't so many this year.

These blackberries tasted tart and very sweet at the same time....

I used to make pies made with flour, butter and loads of sugar. Now I make pies made with nuts, dates, spices, lemon juice, fruit and agave. The nuts replace the unhealthy fat and wheat flour. The dates add a little sweetness to the crust....It is sooooo nice to eat dessert and not experience any guilt . When you eat raw living pies they help you to lose weight because they help in healing the body. They are packed with Omega 3's and rich in nutrients. It can't get any better than this...... Eat dessert with pleasure and gain better health and beauty.

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