Saturday, September 19, 2009

~ Nettle Infusion ~

My hubby gave me my favorite flower, a pink rose, and if he would let me I would eat it LOL

I have read up on herbal infusions which are much more potent than a regular cup of tea. You take a larger quantity of a herb of your choice and steep it for a minimum of a few hours. This is my first attempt at Nettle infusion. I wanted it strong, so I let it sit in the jar overnight in the fridge. I first let it steep for four hours on the counter then placed it in the fridge.

The first step is to pour boiling water into the jar over the Nettle leaves...

I filled my mason jar with boiling water, and added a fork in the jar to prevent it from cracking...

The Nettle infusion had steeped for twelve hours and its ready to be strained....

The water has become dark and has had all the nutrition from the leaves infused into the water...

I've always had low iron and am close to being anemic so I am looking forward to giving my body a huge dose of iron...

I'm going to drink it as it is, but for my husband I am going to make carrot juice and add half a cup of this infusion in with it.... update: he drank it without the carrot juice, saying it didn't have much flavour.

There is so much more nutrition in this Nettle tea than traditional cooked food...

Nettles are rich in Chlorophyll and Iron and are a significant source of vitamin C and vitamin A, bio-available minerals, including calcium, silicon, and potassium chloride, protein and dietary fiber.

~ Health Benefits ~

Nettle Tea can prevent and counteract the following:

Arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism
Asthma, hay fever
Eczema, psoriasis
High blood pressure
Internal bleeding, hemorrhage
Kidney stones
Menorrhagia, heavy bleeding
Night sweats
Prostrate enlargement

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