Friday, August 14, 2009

Raw /Vegan Not Eat More Chocolate Cookies

Dandy Blend and Raw Chocolate Cookies
Most of us don't just eat to live, but live to enjoy food. You see countless people standing in the line up at Tim Horton's (coffee/donut shop) needing their comfort food to start their day. Raw cookies are the best way to meet that need to go with your morning Java. They do not cause the same damage as a muffin filled with sugar, saturated fats and processed flours. Raw cookies give you pure energy from the living nutrition in them. If you eat sugar you feel high temporarily and then within the hour you're looking for more...Most people live this way and don't realize what they are doing to themselves. I can say I have struggled with the need for a treat to start my day my whole life. Now I am so thankful to know there are options that meet that same emotional need without the same negative consequences as a muffin.

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