Wednesday, August 19, 2009

~ Mung Bean and Sunflower Spouts ~

My first try at sprouting Mung Beans

I was surprised how easy it was to sprout mung beans. I soaked them overnight and then rinsed the next morning. They opened a little with a little white shoot. Within 48 hours they looked like this. Mung Bean sprouts are packed with nutients and enzymes. I added them to my salads and which lasted a couple of days. They gave a crunchy texture to my salad. I would have to say I still prefer sprouts that come from seeds rather than beans. These however are a nice change to the rugular sprouts which I usually eat. I eat most of the time red clover, alfalfa and radish sprouts.

My first attempt at sprouting sunflower seeds...
I did the same with the sunflower seeds. I soaked them overnight and then rinsed them. Within 24 hours I noticed shoots. They would have been very nice to add to my salads, but I let them continue for several says. They produced wirey fibers that looked as if they needed soil to take root. I know beautiful sunflower sprouts are grown from soil. They look very attractive and I am sure are delicious. The next time I attempt to grow these I will use organic soil just like you use it for growing wheat grass.

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