Friday, August 7, 2009

~ The Power of Juicing ~

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Jay Kordich my inspiration....

When you juice your veggies especially greens you are getting a huge dose of minerals. It is difficult to eat twelve cups of greens, but to juice and drink them allows you to consume that much. This helps to clean the body of acids and toxins. It is good for the blood, kidneys and liver to drink beet greens. Jay Kordich (the Juice Daddy) drank a lot of juice when he was younger after he discovered he had bladder cancer. He drank mostly carrot juice and overcame his tragic diagnosis. Now he recommends after 60 years of experience to drink carrots, but to mix them with others veggies that are green and contain chlorophyll. Juice 12 carrots and a handful of parsley, spinach or collard of your choice. Make sure the greens are fresh without any mold and dirt. Clean and rinse well. I use baking soda which gets off residual dirt. You may be surprised how much dirt ends up in your bowl. When using greens be careful not to overdo it. Try adding a handful and as you become cleaner you can add more. Greens have a strong detox effect and can cause flu like symptoms. Going through the detox is uncomfortable but necessary. Once you decide to juice there will be a period of feeling not so well. We pour so much toxins in our bodies due to unclean water, chemicals from processed foods and all the sugar and saturated fat we eat in the regular diet.

Carrot/Beet green juice
12 peeled carrots

2 cups of beet greens

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