Friday, December 18, 2009

~ Salmon on Red Watercress Salad ~

The Wild Salmon was such a nice treat over a new salad I made with red watercress. The watercress is very spicy in taste and to take the edge off I added some home made salad dressing. I garnished the dish with lots of clover sprouts and avocados.

I love to chop a bell pepper in half and eat it as is or stuff it with something like a pate or sprouted quinoa.

I squeezed some lemon on the avocado to preserve it as I was waiting for my hubby to get home. Avocados turn brown quickly as the air hits it.


red watercress
yellow bell pepper
clover sprouts
carrots Juliane style
sliced lemon
minced onion
** Wild Salmon **

There is a lot of controversy on whether or not fish is alright to eat as a raw foodist. I would say personally it depends on the individual. Some can live totally without and others need a little from time to time. I haven't had fish for a couple of years and really enjoyed it tonight. I would have it again, but only once in a while.

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