Sunday, December 20, 2009

~ Pumpkin Seed Salad ~

I usually use sunflower or hemp seeds on my salads and tonight I used pumpkin seeds. Before I began eating raw I ate these seeds often because I knew they were considered to be one of the top seeds for containing "Essential Fatty Acids."

This type of fat is what we need to keep us young and healthy. It helps fight of inflammatory issues. I have dealt with many health issues over the years and have found them to be very helpful. Even though this is true you need to have a lot of alkaline foods in your diet to make it possible for the nutrients to be delivered to your cells. An acidic body cannot really benefit from omega three on it's oun. It has been my personal experience that the combination of living foods which include EFA's help to give the BEST results for reversing health issues.

I either use avocados or olive oil in my salad and tonight I used my homemade salad dressing which of course has olive oil in it.

Salad Recipe :

Iceberg lettuce
red cabbage
green cabbage
pumpkin seeds
Italian parsley

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