Thursday, December 3, 2009

~ Maca Power Smoothie ~

I use maca regularly to help manage stress and depression . Maca also keeps my energy levels up and improves my performance with my daily workout . My husband takes it to give him more energy and more mental clarity and focus. It works fabulously, just be careful not to take too much of it.
Maca is wonderful, but without eating your greens maca is not enough. I would say living greens is the most powerful superfood on the planet. Everything else is great in addition to the foundational staple(greens) our body needs.

Maca has a bitter taste and needs to be combined with other foods. Maca goes well in raw desserts, but I didn't want dessert today and tried making a sweet smoothie using honey and bananas. It sure gave me a busrt of energy...Wow this stuff is potient !!!

2 ounces of maca

1/4 cup honey

1 vanilla bean

1 banana

2 cups crushed ice

This was way too sweet and you can get the same results from adding one tsp in a berry smoothie instead. There is way less sugar which I prefer....

David Wolfe suggests using maca one tsp per day for three weeks and then take a week off. Too much maca can cause the opposite results you are looking for.

Matt Monarch just got married in this video and must have been on a (love ) high already. This experiment is not a good idea for anyone to try. His health is so sturdy he could tolerate such crazyness, but please don't do what he did. I watched this vidow got a big laugh and put two ounces in my smoothie shared it with my husband and I was bouncing around like crazy...LOL You will crash physically and emotionally if you misuse maca.

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