Tuesday, November 10, 2009

~ Healthful Food Alternatives for Kids~

One of the the main food staples in a typical family would be bread. Even on a high raw food diet you need something at times to go with your raw soups. Raw bread can easily replace typical bread and soda crackers.

Children always are looking for something to munch on that is high in sugar and carbohydrates. Common foods are cereal, candy, soda pop, cheese sandwich, peanut butter and jam etc. All these foods have no food value and cause so many health issues. Children live on a diet of dairy, wheat and high sugar. No wonder there are many cold and flues not to mention behavior and attention problems.

Once a parent gains experience with a food dehydrator, it becomes easy to come up with healthy replacements.

Learning to wash and chop your veggies ahead of time saves time by making you more efficient in the kitchen. Also getting into the habit of rinsing your dishes right away makes a quick clean up. Cooked food dishes require soap, but raw/vegan food only requires rinsing because there is no bacteria.

I have fallen in love with sprouted buckwheat. It has a bad reputation because of how it tastes when cooked the regular way. Buckwheat flour is very bitter, however buckwheat groats (hulled kernels) soaked and sprouted are soft and sweet.

I have come up with a new bread I will be sharing in time to come. I have also come up with a beautiful recipe for biscotti I am excited about.

I prefer to dehydrate at a temperature of around 105 degrees because I want to preserve all the nutrients in the food.


  1. Did you post the recipe for the raw bread on your blog. I saw beautiful pictures, but not the recipe. Did I overlook it? Sounds & looks YUMMY! I also love using sprouted buckwheat.

  2. Hi Viveca!!(: This post was a little artical on healthful foods for kids. Right now I am saving most of my recipes for my e-books that I am working on. I have mentioned in this post that I will be making this recipe available and many others in time to come. Don't worry I will also continue to post other recipes as well. So glad you like my photo's.
    Terri ~ XO