Saturday, November 28, 2009

~ Raw Vegan Lasagna ~

Both my husband and I were so surprised how enjoyable raw lasagna is. There is no meat, dairy or wheat in this creation and it is very satisfying. It leaves you feeling full and refreshed rather than feeling sluggish as you would from eating typical lasagna.

I didn't have a recipe so I tried to think of what I could use as layers. I love to see colors that complement each other and used baby spinach and sliced tomatoes.

I have not had the best of luck making a raw marinara sauce just yet so I thought I would try a tomato sauce using a nut base.

Above in the processor are some of the ingredients that went into my tomato sauce.

Of course I used sprouts and fresh herbs as garnishes. I love fresh basil and oregano the best. I have discovered if you put an oregano leaf between your front teeth and chew slowly it releases a flavor which is very similar to peppermint gum. If the leaf moves towards the middle of your tongue, then you can taste the oregano.


  1. Check your email. I'm going to send you some recipes that you might enjoy playing with. =D

  2. It looks beautiful! I eat a lot of raw lasagna. Usually that is all I order when I go to this particular raw food cafe. Yous looks a bit different.