Sunday, November 22, 2009

~ Raw Grapefruit Orange Juice ~

Today we had a different kind of breakfast which was a real treat. Mostly my husband and I begin our day with green juice or a green soup. I always need to keep in mind the fact it is hard to get raw foods into my son. Most children are looking for something sweet. Eating and drinking raw juices and cereals are so much better because they are "living foods." Raw fruits even though they are high in sugar and also nutrient rich.

I have been working on two projects; one that focuses on mostly GREEN FOODS and the other on collecting ideas and recipes for kids; quick and easy snacks and lunches for your children. There are so many parents out there that just don't know what to feed their children. There are so many health issues as a result of giving kids packaged, processed foods. This project I call,"Raw Mom's Healthy Kids."

If you could find a way to feed your children 70% raw green foods and 30% fruit they would flourish. That is what a parent wants is a healthy happy child.

This grapefuit/orange juice and wonderful ,but if they find it too tart you can always add a little stevia.

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  1. I am addicted to grapefruit. Ever since I was a kiddie. Yum