Monday, November 23, 2009

~ Raw Almond Butter and Jam on Biscotti ~

I have been wanting a good recipe to replace bread to make a healthy sandwich for my son for lunch. He loves regular peanut butter and jam. Unfortunately bread causes all sorts of problems for him like painful digestion, respiratory issues, head aches, chronic fatigue and brain fog. When you put allergens in the body it causes an inflammatory response and there can be many side effects. The wheat and yeast in typical bread are two culprits that stress most immune systems. To top of the fact that it can be poison for the body there is no food value in it.

I have come up with a biscotti that replaces wheat flour, yeast, sugar and chemicals with living foods that will give my son energy while being more satisfying than a regular sandwich. You are satiated longer and don't have the same sugar highs and lows that regular jam gives you.

You don't need a jam filled with a lot of sugar to taste delicious. Fresh berries mixed together with raw almond butter tastes great !! Raw almond butter is so much better for you
for a few reasons. Firstly almonds are considered a good source of omega three's while peanuts are acidic and contribute to inflammation. Almonds are more expensive, but well worth it for the health benefits. If you cannot get almond butter then buying raw peanut butter is OK. The raw nut butter does not have any added sugar, additives and hydrogenated fats.

I am going to be putting this recipe in a book I am working on for All parents who want to find ways to feed their kids delicious and attractive alternatives. I am finding raw foods and putting them into recipes that encourage healthy development for kids. A strong immune system is the key to a better quality of life.

Kids today seem to live exclusively on sugar. They don't need nearly as much sugar! It's just what they are used to while we parents are not educated to know what we are doing to our children. I am one who wants to give hope to those who's children suffer with asthma, chronic flues, colds and many other health issues. Dietary changes have made significant health improvements in my own son.

The main ingredient in this recipe is sprouted buckwheat. It had been sprouted for 48 hours which caused it to become very soft and sweet.

You can add any berry that your child likes to make it so delicious!!

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